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Current Version: 1.3.5 (18 Jan. 2023)
Supported OS: macOS 11.0 Big Sur or later.
Price: Free
Availability: Download on the App Store

Brief Summary:

Ganpuku is a tiny application to help watch folder structured images at once.
The name Ganpuku is come from Japanese word “ganpuku”, which means “Happy feeling when watched rare, or beautiful things. A feast for the eyes.”.

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Change History
Change on Ver.1.3.5
  • Disable sort by file name to prevent mismatch of thumbnail and QuickLook.
Change on Ver.1.3.4
  • Add support for AVIF format
Change on Ver.1.3.3
  • Respond to macOS 13.0 (Preferences to Settings)
  • Fixed bug in Preferences/Settings window does not close with keyboard short cut.
  • Fixed bug in Preferences/Settings window is resizable.
Change on Ver.1.3.2
  • Add support for HEIF/HEIC format
Change on Ver.1.3.1
  • If you wish, you can stop Gnpuku processing with toggle button.
  • Removed folder/image limitation.
  • Ganpuku remembers last opened directory.
  • Coding language Changed.(Objective-C to Swift)
Change on Ver.1.2.3
  • Icon change.
  • Made it a universal binary 2.
Change on Ver.1.2.2
  • Changed supported OS to macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.(Trivial mistake)
Change on Ver.1.2.1
  • Respond to macOS 10.14 Mojave Dark mode appearance.
Change on Ver.1.2
  • Add localization for Italiano.
  • Fix typo.
Change on Ver.1.1
  • By pressing option key with space key, Ganpuku starts full screen slide show of selected items.

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