Current Version: 1.2.1 (24 Oct. 2022)
Supported OS: macOS 11.0 Big Sur or later.
Price: Free
Availability: Download on the App Store

Brief Summary

Paranoia2mp3 is a tiny helper application which automates process of importing Audio CD using cdda paranoia.

With this application, you can automate the following Audio CD import process.

  1. Ripping Audio CD using cdda paranoia.
  2. Convert the resulting AIFF to mp3 (mpeg1 Layer3).
  3. Write meta data (like track title etc…)to mp3 Files.
  4. Copy the resulting mp3 file to iTunes/

If you wish, you can stop #1 of CD rip only. And skip all further steps.

Privacy Policy

Change History
Change on Ver.1.2.1
  • Respond to macOS 13.0 (Preferences to Settings)
  • Typo error fix
  • Wrong copyright year fix.
  • remain work folder on no Audio CD
  • Enable menu access/Key Equivalent
Change on Ver.1.2.0
  • Removed the non-functional cover art acquisition feature.
  • Changes due to version upgrade of internal framework.
Change on Ver.1.1.1
  • Ready for Apple Silicon
  • Improve Progress bar
  • Icon change
  • Improve LAME custom option validation
Change on Ver.1.1.0
  • Add Cover Art embed function. (Alpha-Numeric Only)
  • Add dialog for Automation is not allowed.
  • Add dialog for Removable Media access is not allowed.
  • Help improvement. (dark mode support, contents update)

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