Tougenkyou Tougendai 1-1-1 :p Appear to be living in Hamadori-chiho, Fukushima, Japan.


I don’t know is there any people who read it or not. Here is simplified description of who Tougenroushi is.

Tougenroushi is a kind of hoby programer. Programing history of Tougenroushi is started from a programmable calculator which was bought by his father in the days of junior-high school. His father bought two programmable calculator until his high school graduation. He became addicted to it.

Even at the time of university exam, he didn’t decide his life plan. He studied mechanical engineering which is said to have marketable skills. But he wasn’t a good student.
After university graduation, he joined copier machine maker without any sense of purpose. He requested many transfer by his personal circumstances, and then finally he got a work of design progress management. But because he tend to absent, he was fired out from design department. After transferred to stuff department, he got a ill of depression and then he was fired from company.

After he lost job, didn’t do anything for very long time. Once at a time, he bought a Mac. He used the Internet to develop the breadth of knowledge. Starting from HTML/CSS, he learned AppleScript and shell script. Then finally, he started to learn Objective-C at age of 50s.
It does not mean that everything is in his memory. He just know basic rules. So, Tougenroushi program is incomplete without internet.